Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers
Hook Polo

Polo Gloves - Pink Tigers

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White leather Pink Tigers patterned all-weather professional polo gloves 
Introducing our originals range. These are brilliant all-rounder polo gloves, with a slightly thicker feel they are durable and hard-wearing. 
  • Performance spandex across the knuckles and between the fingers allows for comfort and dexterity on important flex points 
  • Reinforced left-hand middle and index fingers allow for more absorption of friction from the reins for firmer control and comfort
  • Digital textured pearl white leather palm for a consistent and controlled grip   
  • Polyester back panel and double layer padding for ease of movement and durability 
  • Enhanced moisture management yarns for a longer-lasting glove
  • Hook Polo glove bag included 

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    Glove Size Guide

    1. Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm

    2. Do NOT measure around the thumb

    3. Try not to measure too tight when using tape or string 


    • Extra Small  (XS): 6"- 7"             INCHES  
    • Small            (S): 7"- 8"               INCHES 
    • Medium        (M): 8"- 9"              INCHES
    • Large             (L): 9"- 9.5"           INCHES 
    • Extra Large   (XL): 10"-11"         INCHES


    Belt Size Guide 

    A note about fit: Take one size up from your trouser waist size. Alternatively, you can measure a belt you have previously worn. Apply a tape measure from where the leather joins the belt buckle to the most commonly used belt hole. This measurement will give you your belt size in inches.