Polo Gloves - Iridescent Reflective
Polo Gloves - Iridescent Reflective
Polo Gloves - Iridescent Reflective
Polo Gloves - Iridescent Reflective
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Polo Gloves - Iridescent Reflective

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Pittards Dragon Print Pearl White W100X Performance leather Polo Gloves

Introducing our iridescent reflective polo gloves! A totally unique one-off piece added to our Pittards Pro Range. These are sure to dazzle your opponents and are ideal for arena/winter polo as the reflective properties perform best in the dark under lights!

  • 0.70mm Thickness Leather 
  • Performance spandex between the fingers allows for comfort and dexterity on important flex points 
  • Neoprene protection across Knuckle area- provides support and flexibility 
  • Pittards W100X performance leather technology imparts impressive levels of water and perspiration resistance, providing a consistent and controlled grip
  • Suitable for all weather conditions 
  • Hook Polo glove bag included 

A note about fit:
  1. Measure your dominant hand around the fullest part of your palm

  2. Do NOT measure around the thumb

  3. Try not to measure too tight when using tape or string 

  • Extra Small  (XS): 6"- 7"             INCHES  
  • Small            (S): 7"- 8"               INCHES 
  • Medium        (M): 8"- 9"              INCHES
  • Large             (L): 9"- 9.5"           INCHES 
  • Extra Large   (XL): 10"-11"         INCHES
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