Brand Ambassadors

Hook Polo is fortunate enough to have some of Britain's best players representing our brand. We are committed to investing in the younger generation of British polo players and so we've teamed up with male and female players who we think best represent our brand. Have a browse of these talented young players and feel free to apply their individual discount codes, which will give you 10% off any of our polo equipment products. 

British Brand Ambassadors 

  • James Beim - England Captain 
  • Hugo Lewis- Discount code: HUGOL19
  • Terence Lent: Discount code- TERENCEL19
  • Henry Porter: Discount code- HENRYP19
  • Lolly Stanhope-White- Discount code LOLLYSW19
  • Ollie Cork- Discount code OLLIEC19
  • Izzy Parsons- Discount code PARSONS19 
  • James (Jimbo) Fewster- Discount code: JIMBOF19
  • Tom Brodie- Discount code: BRODIET19
  • Charles Cooney- Discount code: COONEYC19
  • Rebecca Walters- Discount code: WALTERSR19
  • Kate Mckinney- Discount code: KATEM19
  • Hannah Parry-Jones- Discount code: PARRYJONES19

International Brand Ambassadors 

  • Charlie Wood (NZ)- Discount code: WOOD19
  • Nando Pelosini (BR)- Discount code: PELOSINI19
  • Josephine Hermans (BE)- Discount code: JOSEPHINE19
  • Simona Joklova (CZ)- Discount code: SIMONA19
  • Jack Kiely (AU)- Discount code: KIELY19