About Us

A Journey Inspired by Polo 

Polo - ancient sport of Kings, a fully charged partnership between horse and rider in the ultimate team game. At Hook Polo we serve an exacting clientele who rely on us for quality, flair and attention to detail. We have sourced the finest materials from English producers for our technical gloves, such as Pittards performance leathers. Off pitch, our lifestyle products are from the same impeccable sources, hand made in England with the greatest care, for luxury that will stand the test of time and the rigours of life's journey.

Established in Somerset, England in 1826, Pittards is a world leader in the manufacture of performance leathers. Their highly specified glove leathers have been developed to provide a range of benefits that include water and perspiration resistance, increased wear functionality and enhanced grip characteristics. 
We use Pittards W100X performance leathers as part of our performance pro range gloves. Providing players with a skin tight feel, with a leather thickness at 0.65mm this is our thinnest glove yet. Now available in just a single right hand glove or as a pair.  The WR100X tanning process permanently protects the leather fibres, both limiting water uptake and helping reduce damage from perspiration. It does this without blocking the structure so each leather maintains its natural breathability.