Limited Edition Ash Price Polo Helmet
Limited Edition Ash Price Polo Helmet
Limited Edition Ash Price Polo Helmet
Hook Polo

Limited Edition Ash Price Polo Helmet

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Artist and illustrator Ash Price from Essex, England combines several different influences into his work- including tattoo imagery, pop culture and Japanese art/anime. He uses a limited colour palette and modest detail to keep his work consistent.

The innovative Hook Polo helmet is made from two carbon fibre shells, with a crushable aluminium honeycomb between them; this gives a much more effective crumple zone than polystyrene, reducing bounce and putting our "deceleration on impact" test results significantly ahead of any other helmet on the market. Aluminium is more commonly found in the crumple zones of Formula One cars- incredibly strong yet lightweight, it allows air to flow around the head making it cooler for the rider to wear.

The helmet's peak is made from an energy absorbing foam which on impact will crush. With any lateral moment it detaches, limiting any neck injury.  

The helmet is fitted with a fitting dial at the back to get the perfect fit along with a washable liner that is available in three sizes- thin with a blue tab, medium with red tab and thick with a green tab. 

  • Conforms to PAS 015: 2011 (HPA Compliant)
  • Detachable shock absorbing peak
  • Three point harness with magnetic buckle
  • Removable 'Coolmax' headbands
  • Rear adjuster dial 
  • Made in England